How will I submit my thesis while the library is closed?

The graduate thesis submission process has changed! Due to the Institute’s COVID-19 response, all graduate thesis submissions will be digital. The deadline to submit is extended to July 10. Individual departments may require students to submit their thesis before the Registrar's Deadlines. You should check with your thesis advisor regarding your department's specific submission date.

How to Submit Your Thesis

1. Format the thesis document according to the specifications included on this guide. Refer to our thesis title & signature page templates.

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2. Submit your completed graduate thesis and any supplemental media to your thesis advisor. Your department will then submit your thesis to the library. (Your Department, NOT the Library, approves the content of the thesis.)

3. A Thesis Submission & Consent Web Form will be emailed to you on May 4, 2020. Fill out this required form to complete the submission process.


Learn the full process on our 2020 Thesis Submission Guide.