Can I bring my students to the library to draw?

Faculty seeking to bring their students to draw on-site in the libraries must fill out the following request form: Request Permission to Draw in the Library.

In order to ensure a positive experience for classes and other Library patrons, faculty are asked to comply with the following:

  • Keeping walkways clear - Students should not block doorways, passages, or stairways.
  • Sitting on the stairs - Students seated on the stairs should sit to one side so that a handrail remains available for patrons who need it.
  • Leaning against furniture - Students should not lean against display cases, lamps, or artwork for their own safety and that of the fixtures.
  • Moving furniture - If furniture is moved, it should be returned to its original location.
  • Talking in the Library - Conversation should be kept to a reasonable level; the central lobby and stairwell transmit sound throughout the building that can disturb other patrons.
  • Cleaning up - Leftover pencil shavings and bits of charcoal and other drawing materials should be cleaned up and discarded before leaving to prevent a slipping hazard.
  • Staff instructions - Please comply with any other instructions by library staff.

It is understood that faculty who bring their classes to draw in the Library do so on condition of accepting these terms.