Does Pratt offer anti-plagiarism software to check student work against publications or artificial intelligence (AI)?

At this time, Pratt does not provide access to any proprietary anti-plagiarism software, however there are "freemium" applications available on the open web. A few examples are below. Please note that Pratt Institute and Pratt Institute Libraries do not endorse the usage of any of the following applications. This list is provided purely for informational purposes.

General Plagiarism Detectors

AI-Specific Plagiarism Detectors

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  1. Is there any way that Pratt can help professors out by letting us access some form of anti-plagiarism software, for instance, on Canvas? I taught one class this semester where over 10% of my students used AI services on their final paper. It would really make my life a little easier.
    by Pratt Prof on May 09, 2023